MerKaBah Star Channeling Pendant
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The MerKaBah Star is a symbol of Sacred Geometry

What does it mean?

Mer - Light

Ka- Spirit or Soul

Bah- Body

The MerKaBah Star is the light, or connection between the soul and the body. It is an electromagnetic field.

It is mentioned in the Torah, the Bible, and other religious texts, including Zulu and Ancient Egyptian.

When we are only a few seconds old, we are the shape of the MerKaBah.

If you've ever seen Da Vinci's portrait of a man, standing arms and legs outstretched, you will see the lines of the MerKaBah Star drawn around him, as well as the circles in this pendant.
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If you were to take a snapshot of an atom, you would also see the MerkaBah Star Pattern of it's orbit.

If you were to look at our solar system, and then even larger, our entire Universe, you would again see the MerKaBah Star pattern.

It is the pattern that is common to the tiniest particle, to you, and to the entire Universe. It is the pattern of Creation.

The pendant is unlike many others, as it's not drilled, but is a complete and intact star. To drill a hole in the star is to ruin it's perfection.

This pendant has two circles made of silver and copper which have an upper and lower cap which hold the star. The star is held but not trapped within the caps.

The MerKaBah Star is made of Crystal Quartz from India.

Under the circles is a flat silver and copper plate which has six sides, to match the 6 points of the MerKaBah Star. The six points represent two equal triangles of three sides each, one which represents man, or masculine energy, and one which represents woman, or feminine energy.

Beneath the plate is a 6 sided Lapis Lazuli Pendant. This pendant is much wider at the top, and narrows to a fine point. When worn, this point is slightly above the heart of the wearer.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone with Ancient use in many cultures. Egyptians believed it to be more valuable than gold, and buried Pharohs with a Lapis Lazuli Scarab (beetle) placed on their heart, for protection and travel to the spirit world.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of the Third Eye Chakra, which is communication through intuition, psychic
abilities, and connection through non-physical means.

Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of truth. Judges used to wear Lapis Lazuli amulets as it was thought they would more clearly see the truth, even if the words of those testifying were unreliable.

Within the Lapis Lazuli are flecks of Pyrite, gold in color. Pyrite is a conductive metal and helps to facilitate energy movement.

This pendant is not to be worn as a piece of jewelry.

It is a tool to increase and enhance psychic communication and intuition. If worn during sleep, it will open the mind to vivid and symbolic dreams.

If worn during meditation, it will deepen the experience and allow for greater insights.

If one is upset or in an angry or sad mood, it's best not to wear this pendant during that time.

Upon first wearing, you may develop a dull headache. It's best to ease into it.
Wear it only for a few minutes at first, then increase the time to an hour, until you know how comfortable you are with it and how it affects you. It is also not recommended to drive or handle anything that requires your full attention until you know how you are affected.

This pendant will be an incredibly powerful and useful tool in the journey from Awakening to Enlightenment.

Each one is unique, but the approximate total length is 3", or 75 mm long.

The star itself is approximately 1" x 1" or 25 mm x 25 mm.

The Lapis Lazuli is 1.25"-1.5" long, it varies from stone to stone.

This pendant comes with a silk pouch and wooden case, which it is to be kept in when not in use.  It also comes with a Pendulum Chain, and cord necklace.
The MerKaBah Star Pendant set costs $175.00 USD, and shipping is free within the USA.

Less than the cost of one or two of a reputable psychic's one hour reading, this pendant will provide you with years of insights, deeper meditations, more vivid dreams, and a greater understanding of yourself and your relation to this world. Psychics can use them to become even more in tune with their clients.

If you are purchasing this as a gift, please advise the recipient of the properties of the pendant. It would be quite shocking to suddenly have intuitive experiences and wild dreams and not understand why.

We know you will love using this pendant, and thank you for opening your mind to many new and positive experiences.
MerKaBah Star and Lapis Lazuli Channeling Pendant
After purchase, please download the Merkabah Star Pendant Guide, which includes instructions, a Merkabah meditation, and a pdf printable Pendulum Map.

To download, please right click, then "Save target as" on a PC,
or Control click "Save as" on a Mac.

You may download this guide for free, with or without purchase.
The Merkabah Star Pendant comes with:

-a Pendulum Chain (shown attached),
-a necklace cord with clasp,
-a silk drawstring pouch,
-a handmade wooden box (as shown).
Handmade wooden box shown closed.

This box has brass inlays of stars, the MerkaBah Star, and a Yin Yang, and is a hinged box, made in India.

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